Wood Drying Kiln Plans


One thought on “Wood Drying Kiln Plans

  1. I will make this listing as plain English and to the point as I can, just like the plans I am offering. I built my first small kiln in the spring of 2005 using a home dehumidifier and a few hardware store parts for about $200. I was told it would not work, I will ruin my wood–blow up the d/h unit. Of course this was coming from the guy wanting to sell me a $4000 dehumidification kiln package and the guy who was charging me $.33 bft to dry my fresh sawn lumber at the time. Then there was the solar kiln advocates, where I live in central Illinois a solar kiln is simply a part time deal. I could just write off the winter months, solar was not going to work. I dry wood year around now in my shop made dehumidification kiln.

    To answer the skeptics I am still running the same kiln and estimate I have dried over 10,000 bft to use for myself and sell as kiln dried. I put some pictures in this listing of the types of wood I regularly throw in my kiln and there are more on my sawmill website. That single 24″ wide
    More information (Wood Drying Kiln Plans)

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